... wait, what?! What is this crazy idea?

This is a Netrunner card pool designed around the Netrunner casual format, also known as "Onesies". The general idea of the format is as follows:

... but why? This means I can't build my powerful deck using ...

The format provides experienced players a different kind of challenge, requiring them to build a deck under constraints. Additionally, it lowers the barrier for new players wanting to get into Netrunner. By requiring only a limited card pool, new players can be on the same playing field without having to invest a ton of money!

... hey, some cards are missing!

All Identity cards have been stripped from the available cards in the card pool, as the format allows players to use any Identity, even if it's not part of the card pool.

... but I don't own every card in existence!

It's OK! Using the form below, you can limit the randomizer to pick only from the sets that you own!

Deluxe Sets

Individual Data Packs